We have a Fly-In at an airport restaurant somewhere in Southern California at 1030L every third Saturday of each month, kind of like a UTA. All Grizzlys are invited, with their families! You can fly, drive, ride, walk, crawl, or slither.

TDue to scheduling conflicts, the next Fly-In is the Third Saturday 1030 Show Saturday, 21 July 2007, Flabob Airport, near Riverside, CA, KRIR for airport information and weather, click here -> KRIR

If you have a suggestion for a Fly-In location, or want to get on the mailing list for the Grizzly Fly-Ins, send an e-mail to CMAC@grzly.org

If you would like to see some past Fly-Ins, click HERE.

June 2007 fliers:

EJ                 --   Newly painted Navion...looking great

Milty              --  Zenith

Jimmy Jet  

Blake Sr


Brian             -- Bonanza with Capt Bob

Tim               --Twin Bonanza

Steve            -- Glasair


Pretty good attendance at the Riverside Grizzly Fly In ---  Sat 23 Jun 2007

Nice departure show. Steve's Glasair looked pretty fast.

As for the Bonanza and twin Bonanza formation take off, nice job everyone especially liked the gear cycling. Don't remember that being briefed or done back in the Phantom days, at least intentionally.

Great to see everyone again, looking forward to next time. Looking for recommendation for the SAT Jul 21st Fly In location--- Let me hear from you. CMAC

Long Range Planning

In Sept 2007, Russ and Jeanie want us to come out to Yucca Valley for a fly in. If the weather is bad they will slip it to Oct 2007. Stand by for future updates.


The reason EJ drove

Cowman and Joel flew

Jeanie and Russ

Top Dog

Cowman and Joel

Dick and Milt

Piggy, Cindy and EJ

Dick and Milt

Mary and Jet