Grasshopper flew West in his sleep on 2 November 2013.

Ken Jennings, known to all of us as "Grasshopper" passed away in his sleep last night.

He was the best and always gave and helped those of us who served with him.


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To all the Grizzlies,

For all of you who couldn't be there, let me give you a quick run down of the Thursday rites for Ken Jennings.

The weather was beautiful and the service by Rev LTC Hap Arnold, with his son Rev Jack Arnold assisting, was very moving and truly reflected the respect and friendship for Ken, Terri. his kids and family members. The chapel was full of friends from his work at Edwards, the Grizzlies, his family and the community

The Grizzly community was represented by currently serving members: Doc Dang, Bullet, Jim Blucher, Don Mac Arthur, and Blake Jr.; while in addition to Hap, Dru and Jack Arnold, Bruce Garcia, Dick Nester, Al Aimar, Stan and Scott Zahrt and myself represented the retired Grizzly family. If I missed anyone my apologies. I know it meant a lot to Terri to have so many Grizzly alums there.

After the funeral service we drove over to the cemetery and Hap lead the ceremony with the presentation of the Flag by an AF funeral detail and then honor guard rifle salute.

Both events were full of emotions, great stories, more than a few tears and a multitude of fond memories of Grasshopper.

As we were leaving the ceremony, I noticed a large hawk that was slowly orbiting just to the north and was looking down on all of us. Take that for what it is worth but it seemed like a pretty obvious sign from one flier to mark the passing of another.

The group then moved to the local VFW hall, where the uniform of the day was Hawaiian shirts and there were pictorial display of Ken's life, his many accomplishments and awards. The food and drink were excellent and additional stories were exchanged.  We got a chance to meet Ken's 5 sisters and hear their stories of growing up with him and his effects on their lives.

In all it was a fitting remembrance of a guy we all knew and will definitely miss in the future.

Keep Terri and their kids in your thoughts.