The Baron flew West on 8 October 2013. Known to all of us as a fine gentleman, a true American, one of the best formation pilots in the world and, above all, as an Agricultural Entrepreneur!

BARON VON MEYER's funeral will be at 1100 on 20 November 2013 at Miramar National Cemetary - DETAILS HERE

Guys, I just heard from Dwight Wait that Bob Meyer, aka Baron Von Meyer, passed away yesterday, 8 Oct 2013.

He just got a call from Jill and that's all the details I have.

I'll pass along any details about arrangements, etc. as I hear them.


No pictures yet. How about some help, guys?


Bob 'Baron Von' Meyer  

Bob "Baron Von" Meyer

We cherish the memory of the Baron today, an amazing friend, fighter pilot, Air Group One supporter and hero. He went West on 8 Oct 2013 after fighting a long struggle with health issues from Agent Orange.  'The Baron' flew many aircraft during his time in the USAF and National Guard, including F-101 Voodoo's, F-4's and O-1 Bird Dogs.  

A very humble man, the Baron earned the Silver Star for Bravery in Vietnam when he "commandeered" an Air Force O-1 Bird Dog in order to save the lives of a special forces team being overrun on the Ho Chi Minh trail. He was not allowed to take the aircraft, but at gunpoint convinced the Crew Chief to hand over the keys. The Air Force wanted to Court Martial 'Baron' but the Army wanted the Medal of Honor. They settled on the Silver Star.

The Baron was brought to Air Group One by Dwight Wait, a fellow Squadron mate and friend. He will be remembered with fond memories by his wife Jill and his family, friends, comrades and Air Group One members.  Thank you for your service Baron, and we shall meet you out West

To those who came to the 196th during the "Duck" (O-2A) days, call sign Link, we all met and remember the Fuschia Baron (AKA Bob Meyer). He in my mind will always be remembered for his laugh, great attitude and never calling "bingo" when he was below the alert fuel level when we transitioned to the

F-4C/E's. This conversion started in 1982 and changed call signs to Grizly with the move to March AFB. He was always there as the resolute wingman. The Cold Lake deployment comes to mind.

I will always also remember the visits to his Fuschia nursery next to the Pacific , North of San Diego.

He was also a teacher in the school system in San Diego county.

His wife, Jill was a special part of the Grzly family.

One more Fighter Pilot flying West.

God Bless to a special person.

Bob Balslev

As everyone has said, he was a good man who we will miss and remember fondly.


That is a huge surprise.  I knew he was not feeling well.

A great man has passed.


I had not heard, but also saw CMac's note with the same information.

Sad to learn that a true gentleman, and a truly good man, has passed on to his next level.

God bless the Baron and his family.



First Lieutenant Robert L. Meyer (AFSN: FV-3152155), United States Air Force, was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in connection with military operations against an opposing armed force while serving with the 21st Tactical Air Support Squadron in Southeast Asia on 23 July 1967.

Robert "Bob" Meyer, USAF, Lieutenant Colonel, Retired, passed away on October 8, 2013, at 74 years of age. He was born August 15, 1939, in Chula Vista, California. He was the son of the late Tod and Grace Meyer. He is survived by his wife Jill, of 33 years; son Michael; daughters Marcy, Pam and Kristy; and 6 grandchildren. Bob served his country as a U.S. Air Force pilot in Vietnam and received the Silver Star and the Distinguished Flying Cross, followed by serving in the Air National Guard at Ontario IAP, the March AFB, ntil he retired.

After his tour of duty, Bob worked as an teacher in Rancho Santa Fe, where he met his wife, Jill. In 1980, they bought Stubbs Fuchsia Nursery in Encinitas, which they ran for 18 years.

Bob was an expert wood worker, making custom cabinets and other furniture for people throughout San Diego County, as well as building the over-sized Adirondack chairs at the Children's Garden in Encinitas.

He was active in the Old Bold Pilots, the San Diego Woodies and the Encinitas Rotary Club. He especially enjoyed opening his shop to Interact, a Rotary sponsored high school service club. At Christmas, he would supervise the kids as they made wooden toys for children less privileged than them.

Bob will be missed by his family and many friends and acquaintances he made in what was a very active, giving life. A private service will be held by the family.