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General thoughts on the local airports


  • Cable - Great Food, Great Service
  • Mojave - Excellent food and service, long drive (Except for Terri and K-Bob), K-Bob's Phantoms are gone, but there is other weird and fun stuff, home of Rutan Aircraft, etc.
  • Willie J. Fox - Excellent food and service, long drive (Except for Terri and K-Bob)
  • French Valley - Very good food and service, easy fly, easy drive
  • Rialto is finally closed putting the restaurant out of its own misery.
  • Brackett - Good food
  • Chiriaco Summit - Too Hot in the summer, but excellent food, dirty restrooms, Patton museum nearby
  • Palomar - Food good, but crowded after 0900, long walk from parking now
  • Gillespie - Great food, short on aircraft parking
  • Montgomery - Good food when open
  • FlaBob - Excellent food and service
  • Agua Dulce - Food used to be good, not seen in a while
  • Santa Paula - Good food, good service, nice atmosphere, a bit busy in the pattern
  • Riverside - Food okay
  • Chino - Flo's, need we say more - Cheap gas from the Threshold truck
  • Kern Valley - Okay food, beautiful airport, long haul
  • Apple Valley - Restaurant closed at last check
  • Big Bear - Excellent food, but high density altitude
  • Catalina - Excellent food, $20.00 landing fee, bad for drivers
  • Yucca Valley - Russ lives there, so long as he hosts, we are okay!


  • Banning
  • Ocotillo Wells
  • Palm Springs
  • Brown Field
  • EL Monte
  • Hesperia
  • Norton (SBD Cargo)

Food for Thought - If we keep it in the north end of the LA Basin, we get drivers.

Fly-In Schedule, all at 1100 Show:

21 June 2014 - Cable Airport - Upland, CA

23 August 2014 - Hemet-Ryan Airport - Hemet, CA

13 December 2014 - French Valley Airport - Murrieta, CA