Members of the 163rd Retiree Association,


On Wednesday evening I received the following message from Al Dodds about Ron Bishop.  I was off line and sorry I wasn’t able to get this out earlier.




Ron Bishop's wife Denise called today to inform me that Ron passed away this morning.  He had been fighting lung cancer and had lost weight.  There will be a service for him on Monday the 26th , 11am at Upland Chapel, 525 W. 18th St. Upland, located between Euclid & San Antonio.  At this time Denise did not have a firm date for burial at the cemetery.                                             Al Dodds



Please keep Ron’s family in your thoughts and prayers.  Sorry I do not have a mailing address for them as they weren’t members of the association but many of us knew him and will miss him.


Lynn Durbin

Cell:  522-4163

Passed away 21January 2009

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