Show me the pictures

Greg Ervice did a great job getting some of the pictures out so quickly. He must have some secret HP software somewhere. Hap was also taking pictures so those might be coming in the future.

It was a pretty good block party, band loud and the singer very good. Food good and liquid refreshments apparently sufficient to fight off the cold winds. Mash theme hence the helmet and poncho for table covering and parachute canopies...

Please !!! someone, Al needs some help with his jokes in speeches... the April fool joke bombed, sorry Al. It was too close to the BRAC/Promotion disaster.

Anyway just a quick attendance roster of some of the former Grizzlys who showed up at Sally's. Biggest surprise was Grumpy and Shredder who came down in their Vipers and got the okay to use the Grizzly 43 call sign for the flight... it was great to see them.

Mark Gable and wife showed up from NM as did Bob Balslev from Austin, TX area, Brent Barker, Creature, Jimmy Jet, Hap, Dru and Jack, Pierre Cardin and family, Paul Dain and family, Uncle Milty, Greg Ervice. I might have missed a few as I left early.

Sat was Greg Miller's last flight and they were conducting interviews for his job as next Sqdn CC. I'd publish the list of applicants but don't have it, besides which some of the names on it make me feel really, really old.

Other rumors, Denny Lucas will soon have or has his 2nd Star.... That makes 3 Grizzlys in a row to do well in California, plus Putt in Hawaii. Grasshopper is the new head of Intel for the Grizzlys (hint: listen to Eileen) and that organization will grow much larger with the new mission, much like it did during the Recee years.

The first class of Grizzly Predator types is due to graduate in a few weeks, then more months of seasoning. Rumor is they are doing very well up there at Creech AFB (formerly Indian Springs) so expect to see them in the news soon. Don't have the gambling scores but the lights are still on in Vegas.

Any way that's all I can think of for now.


Show me the pictures