Dave Snell is a Grizzly. He was one of the 196 TFS's first F-4 Flight Surgeons and flew with us until the Fighters left. Dave is one of the most impressive guys we have ever met. That is no small feat when you are talking Grizzlies.

Dave has constantly looked for ways to serve his country. Following the Fighters, he migrated like Birds on TV. From the Grizzlies to the Coneheads. Now, he is in Afganistan, no Fighters, but a lot of fighting!

It is truly fitting that he is among the last of the first Grizzly Fighters still fighting.

Dave says he is short now. He was short before, hence MicroDoc; perhaps he will henceforth be known as NanoDoc!

There isn't a Grizzly alive who wouldn't love to be flying an A-10 in theater, but driving around with the Army, that takes MicroDoc!

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below MicroDoc's letter!

30 Jun 06

As they say, I'm so short, I could fit under the door with inches to spare. Tomorrow we take up armoured HUMVEES to Bagram to pick up the replacement team. We had scheduled to take our SUV in a convoy yesterday, but roads went black due to the suicide car bomber attempting to hit a convoy just outside the gates of Bagram Air Field; did not kill anyone but himself but injured two teenagers riding by on a bicycle. Evidently, he was the brother of a man who was killed by the truck that lost its brakes on Memorial Day (that accident starting the riots in Kabul) and wanted revenge on Americans. So, no SUVs on the roads until things wind down.

I have been winding up my work here, and there have been some results in that the MEDEVAC issues have been brought to the attention of the ISAF/NATO Commands and the 3 star here. Since there has been time available, I have been doing patrols in Kabul with the Force Protection guys, a CA Army Guard unit. We have become a kindler, gentler military here since 31 May, with patrols on foot (no helmets, only soft caps) and in SUVs instead of HUMVEES. Makes for a more comfortable ride in the heat of the day, but you tend to get tense when yellow taxis pull up to you when you are caught in traffic (the last 2 SVBIEDs in Kabul were taxis). No gunners on top because no tops.

June has been a difficult month; we have lost 2 medics; the first killed in a firefight after he took over the HUMVEE gunner's position after the gunner was wounded, and the second during a failed helicopter evac when he and the wounded soldier were killed during the extraction. Since Operation Mountain Thrust is ongoing we have been having more casualties, both from combat and IEDs and the reports are sometimes hard to take.

In any event, I'll be home soon but most of the Army people stationed here at Eggers and in theater have 1 year tours. Please support them whenever you can; most are young and on their 2nd or even 3rd tours and have been away from home, friends and family for a long time. Troops are being wounded and dying for us and the goal of making Afghanistan a place where terrorists will never again be able to launch attacks against the US. Please remember them for a small part of your day and remind others to do that as well.

All my best to you and yours --


Dave at Camp Eggers

Reading the names of the fallen

Kabul Patrol

Afgan Mountain Person

Kabul Patrol